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Here’s a review of our celebrity guests and what they’ll be discussing as part of this event:

Raw Brawn: Meet the Men Who Thrive on Rabbit Food

How can you get your man to look a cucumber in the eye without having to wait until some diagnosis drives him to do it? Is he afraid of looking too thin? Not getting enough protein? Just doesn’t want to give up his greasy spoon?

Whatever it is, these calls from a few big boys who thrive on vegetarian, vegan and raw food diet will definitely inspire him to reconsider rabbit food as the ideal source of nutrition for men.

David Wolfe

David Wolfe
  • Spill the beans, Superfood Dude! What do YOU eat?
  • What are the biggest factors keeping people from going 100% raw?
  • The coolest thing EVER happened during this call after I asked him to give us a Tony Robbins-esque speech on how to step it up a notch in our own lives!
    You do NOT want to miss this!!
  • What foods can we slip into our men′s smoothies that will ... eh.. rev their mojo and make them feel like raw food rawks!
Read David Wolfe's Bio Here.

Matt Monarch

Matt Monarch
  • The one practice that prevents people from sticking to the raw food diet
  • Why he doesn′t recommend the path he chose for most people
  • The three things to eliminate from your diet whether you′re cooked or raw
  • What he sees inspires people to get on board the raw food diet
Read Matt Monarch's Bio Here.

Daniel Vitalis

Daniel Vitalis
  • How vegan ultimatums can cause problems for some people
  • What he eats to thrive and why
  • The biggest obstacles he sees to getting men onboard the raw food diet
  • Daniel′s secret to boundless energy
Read Daniel Vitalis's Bio Here.

Markus Rothkranz

Markus Rothkranz
  • Which kind of bodies live the longest
  • What he eats and how it makes him feel
  • The one thing that matters a lot more than what you eat!
  • The most important foods to include in your diet and why
Read Markus Rothkranz's Bio Here.

Frederic Patenaude

Frederic Patenaude
  • The less than pleasant reactions he′s had to raw food and why
  • Wasn′t always easy for him to choose to be raw
  • The foods that triggered his return to cooked food
  • What finally helped him go “raw” and stay raw
  • Why he can totally relate to the beer and beef mentality, but chooses to avoid it
Read Frederic Patenaude's Bio Here.

Ron Obadia

Ron Obadia
  • The most important foods on their plate and why
  • What is Ronatarianism and how does it help his family thrive
  • The other practices Ron and his family incorporate into their lifestyle for ultimate health
  • What he feels is the secret to a successful, loving relationship
Read Ron Obadia's Bio Here.

Daniel Aaron

Daniel Aaron
  • How his daughter Zaida is thriving after 3 years on a raw food diet
  • Their special morning and afternoon ritual that she absolutely LOVES
  • How they handle social situations where food is present that they′d rather not eat
  • The delicate way he presents his food preferences without forcing or imposing anything on Zaida
Read Daniel Aaron's Bio Here.

Ka Sundance

Ka Sundance
  • The two biggest transformations he′s made in his life and what they did for him
  • Why people wait until they are suffering before they make serious changes
  • How his children have responded on the raw food diet and the choices he′s made in the face of their responses
  • What would he do if his children started requesting meat or other foods and why
  • The most common struggles people have with going and staying raw
Read Ka Sundance's Bio Here.

Raw Power: Elite Athletes on Raw and Vegan Food

So there are men, then there are superheros who push their bodies beyond the limits of what most of us will ever know. If you thought rabbit food wasn’t enough for men, you’re about to learn why it’s not only enough, it’s the ideal diet for health and elite athletic performance!

Yuri Ekaim

Yuri Ekaim
  • How to eat for stamina on the raw food diet
  • The best way to build muscle on raw food
  • The path Yuri took to transition to the raw food diet and what it did to him!
  • What to eat if you′re feeling hungry and missing your “carbs”
Read Yuri Ekaim's Bio Here.

Brendan Brazier

Brendan Brazier
  • Why as an elite athlete he′s got GREAT advice for women!
  • The key to proper recovery after exercise
  • What he eats to fuel himself and in general
  • Why and how he makes his running bars in batches that last MONTHS
Read Brendan Brazier's Bio Here.

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Healthy Nutrition for the Whole Family

The responsibility of properly feeding our kids and ourselves isn’t anything most women take very lightly. Here to help relieve you from your nutritional neurosis and help you feel more confident than ever feeding your children, yourself and your man are these health care practitioners.

Dr. Ariel Policano

Dr. Ariel Policano
  • What are the most important supplements women should take and why
  • The telltale signs that you may have deficiencies on the raw food diet
  • What cravings can tell you about your health and well-being
  • The drink you should include *daily* in your diet as a women
Read Dr. Ariel Policano's Bio Here.

Dr. Doug Graham

Dr. Doug Graham
  • Some of the fitness stars he′s worked with and how nutritional changes have improved their performance
  • The truth about candida and sugar sensitivity
  • Dr. Graham′s fitness routine and what he eats to support it
  • Three things that are more important than what you eat to sustain a healthy diet and lifestyle
Read Dr. Doug Graham's Bio Here.

Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo

Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo
  • Her unique family situation that makes her an expert on children′s health
  • The three most important foods to keep off your kids′ plates and why
  • Her tried and true favorites for birthdays, Halloween and special occasions
  • The most important supplements to consider for children
  • How to spot potential deficiences before they become a problem
Read Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo's Bio Here.

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Raw Women, Cooked World

Sometimes the thing we need more than fancy equipment, organic ingredients and superfoods, is simply the support and inspiration of another woman who has been through it. These raw food goddesses reveal their journeys—the struggles, the victories, the tricks that worked and they will inspire you to step it up a notch or loosen your noose depending on how you’re doing and how you view your relationship with food. Some of them are married, some of them are single, but all of them have fabulous advice to support you in your journey!

Jenna Norwood

Jenna Norwood
  • The message she sees most inspires newcomers to raw food
  • The compromises she′s come to make over time and why
  • Which foods she knows she must avoid if she wants to feel and stick to her healthy living routine
  • What a juice feast taught her and if she would recommend it to other women
Read Jenna Norwood's Bio Here.

Dr. LindaJoy Rose

Dr. LindaJoy Rose
  • The most common cooked food compromises people choose and why
  • Having interviewed dozens of raw food gurus, how raw are they really?
  • What is “raw fusion” and why are people catching on to it
  • The four cornerstones of a healthy diet, cooked or raw!
Read Dr. LindaJoy Rose's Bio Here.

Penni Shelton

Penni Shelton
  • What life was like for her when she tried to get the whole team on raw food and why she stopped doing it
  • The compromises she′s cool with and why
  • The biggest barriers to going raw and how to overcome them
  • The foods that win her family over every time!
Read Penni Shelton's Bio Here.

Robyn Openshaw

Robyn Openshaw
  • What cooked food compromises her family uses and why
  • How to get 3/3 teenagers in her family hooked on raw food
  • The most important first steps she recommends for getting the whole family on whole foods
  • What the results of her green smoothie survey revealed that will change what you put on your breakfast plate!
Read Robyn Openshaw's Bio Here.

Karen Ranzi

Karen Ranzi
  • How a long time raw food mom saved Karen′s marriage with a change of perspective
  • What she′s learned after 16 years on the raw food diet
  • The foods her family loves and tricks for making it work
  • The best way to ensure your kids are thriving on raw food
Read Karen Ranzi's Bio Here.

End the Feud About Food!

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The Way to A Man's Heart...

If the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, then you've got to listen to these calls from our experienced Raw Food chefs! We’ve spared no expense at getting the best of the best to seduce his palette and asked for only the crowd pleaser recipes from these special chefs!

Heather Pace

Heather Pace
  • THE recipe that wins people over every time she uses it
  • How to make ice cream so good they′ll never know it′s dairy-free!
  • Why you can have your cake and eat it too, but with exceptions. Find out what those are
  • The best ingredients to slip in your sweet treats that will make him love it and beg for more!
Read Heather Pace's Bio Here.

Alissa Cohen

Alissa Cohen
  • The most important thing you need to do if you′re trying to stick to raw in a house with cooked foodists
  • Her time-saving menu planning trips that will make food preparation a piece of cake! (and you can eat it, too!)
  • What 20 years experience with the raw food diet has shown her about winning over cooked food eaters
  • Why she took a backstage to the raw food movement recently
Read Alissa Cohen's Bio Here.

Angelina Elliott

Angelina Elliott
  • Her favorite cooked food recipes that her family LOVES
  • How she manages to stay 100% raw and still cook meals for her family
  • The crowd-pleaser favorite recipes that win people over every time
  • Tips for family meal planning in a house with cooked and raw foodists
Read Angelina Elliott's Bio Here.

On Behalf of the Future...

And what about the wee ones who are stuck in the middle of a raw mom and a cooked dad scenario. What do they have to say about all these feuds about food. We know that their impressions, experiences and opinions will shape the future, so let’s take a moment to hear what they have to say and learn from the little ones (although, in Sergei’s case, he’s no longer that little. ;-))

Sergei Boutenko

Sergei Boutenko
  • His advice to parents about how to approach food with your kids
  • His crowd-pleaser food preparation tips
  • How his family has handled the Raw Mom, Cooked Dad issues
  • What would he do if his children wanted to eat meat and a standard American diet
Read Sergei Boutenko's Bio Here.


  • Mika′s advice to Raw Moms about how to feed your children
  • What Mika′s going to do with her kids when she grows up
  • Mika′s favorite food and what she really thinks of "raw"
Read Mika's Bio Here.


  • What foods he loves eating
  • How he feels about food
  • What would he feed his kids?
Read Luca's Bio Here.

Gabriela Ranzi

Gabriela Ranzi
  • What was it like growing up in a raw household as a young teen?
  • How did you handle eating so differently to your friends?
  • How has it affected how you eat now?
  • How would you feed your kids?
Read Gabriela Ranzi's Bio Here.

Cooked Dads: What's Your Beef?

And what do the men have to say on this subject. While we’ve gathered some of the greatest minds in the raw food movement, we thought it only fair to present the other side of the coin. Tera’s boyfriend and Fiona’s husband share their thoughts on what it’s like being the cooked dad in this Raw Mom, Cooked Dad dynamic.

Mike Carney

Mike Carney
  • How does his wife′s interest in raw food affect him
  • How he handles conflict about food in the home
  • What he eats and how he feels about it
  • The things that matter more to him than food rules
Read Mike Carney's Bio Here.

Marc-André Chaput

Marc-André Chaput
  • Why he can digest anything and feel great the next day
  • What he thinks of all this raw food talk and why
  • How it feels to be on the receiving end of a raw Mom′s soap box speech
  • The compromises he′s willing to make and the ones he′s not
  • Why he seems to get sick less often than his raw mom and he eats whatever he wants
  • His own process in overcoming food guilt and allowing himself to eat what he wants no matter what his girlfriend thinks of it
Read Marc-André Chaput's Bio Here.

Meal Planning and Kitchen Organization

You can have all the healthy food you want, but if your kitchen is a disaster, your cupboards are overflowing with to go containers and you can’t dig your food processor out from behind your baking dishes, then you will never feel very comfortable in your kitchen or thrive. You feel about as good as your kitchen is organized. In this section Feng Shui expert and meal planning master come together to give you the tools for kitchen and lifestyle makeover!

Leanne Ely

Leanne Ely
  • How to quickly reduce the stress of knowing what to feed your family!
  • Save time and money when you organize your shopping list so you have what you need without last minute shopping trips!
  • Save time by planning your meals ahead
  • How to have meals up your sleeve at any time of the day
Read Leanne Ely's Bio Here.

Vanessa Stewart

Vanessa Stewart
  • The most important things to know about keeping good energy in the kitchen
  • Why a cluttered kitchen (and house) will pretty much guarantee poor eating habits
  • Her quick tips for instant clutter management
  • Tips for storing fruits and veggies so they last
  • The one thing you must not do in your bedroom if you want to have a sexsessful relationship with your spouse!
Read Vanessa Stewart's Bio Here.

Get the Sizzle Out of the Pan and Back in Your Relationship!

We can talk about recipes, blenders and other gadgets to help make a healty menu plan work, but the thing we need most is an all-you-can-eat buffet of love, understanding, compassion and communication. These guests either exemplify a powerful and successful relationship or they have brilliant advice on how to make sure you can create one yourself.


You can get your man to give up the sizzling bacon strips if you start doing the sizzling yourself! Two of our guests can help get you both get your attention off late night donuts and put it on late night love making instead!

Darrel Schlereth

Darrel Schlereth
  • Tricks for knowing how to communicate about touchy subjects
  • What does “granting beingness” mean and why is it more important to allow others this than ourselves?
  • The best way to speak to someone who “isn′t interested”
  • Why boredom is your best friend if you have someone
Read Darrel Schlereth's Bio Here.

Lorenna Kacera

Lorenna Kacera
  • The 7-fold path to peace and how to walk it
  • How to handle it when your children beg for foods you know you don′t want them to eat
  • The only thing the universe or Life asks of you is THIS!
Read Lorenna Kacera's Bio Here.

Shantree Kacera

Shantree Kacera
  • Tips to tune into your inner listening so you can really know what your body needs and not what your head thinks your body needs
  • As a raw foodist since the 70s, he admits he′s “still learning.” Find out why
  • The most valuable skill you can have moving into the future
  • The best ways to approach plants in the wild and start eating more sustainably
Read Shantree Kacera's Bio Here.

Jay and Linda Kordich

Jay and Linda Kordich
  • What life was like for them with little kids traveling teaching the world about juices
  • How after having lost their entire fortune, love pulled them through
  • The most beautiful love story you′ve ever heard!!
  • The trick to keeping the whole family healthy for the long haul
Read Jay and Linda Kordich's Bio Here.

Mat Boggs

Mat Boggs
  • The way to behave that will TOTALLY cause your man to lose interest
  • How to increase the magnetism between you and your man
  • What NOT to do when your hubby gets home from work
  • Know when to talk and what to talk about to assure you′ve got your man′s undivided attention!!
Read Mat Boggs's Bio Here.

Sherri Nickols

Sherri Nickols
  • The way to speak to your man if you want him to listen
  • Three things you can do to boost your mojo (his will follow)
  • Why you lost your “sparkle” and how to get it back FAST
  • The secret to feeling younger and more in love the older your relationship grows
Read Sherri Nickols's Bio Here.

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